Double Washed Concrete and Asphalt Sand

Premium Sand

Used for: Concrete sand, Asphalt sand, Washed sand, Blend with topsoils, Turf sand for top dressing, Filter sand, Concrete blend, Bioretention transition sand and Premixed concrete fine aggregate.

Our premium double washed concrete and asphalt sand is excavated from under water using a specialised floating dredge. The dredge has a rotating cutter head to loosen the sand deposits. A suction pipe carries the slurry of sand and water which is pumped through a pipeline to the plant which is then processed.

Our natural river sand deposit has Certification to meet Department of Main Roads Approval. The primary use for this product is in the production of Concrete and Asphalt.

It can also be used for the Turf industry, Bioretention Transition sand and for blending with topsoils. Corridor Sands pride themselves on supplying a premium quality product and excellent customer service.

Queensland Department of Main Roads Quarry Assessment and Certification approved.
Typical Particle Size Distribution
2.36mm 100%
1.18mm 99-100%
0.600mm 94-98%
0.425mm 80-90%
0.300mm 40-60%
0.150mm 4-9%
0.075mm 0-2%

Petrographic Analysis, Organic, Clay and Fine Silt, Chemical Analytic and various other reports available on request.

All Corridor Sands products meet relevant Quality Assurance and Testing standards.



Corridor Sands pride themselves on supplying premium quality sands, excellent customer service and fast, efficient loading.

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